5-Day Class with Iole Lebenzstajn

Class Experience

What a pleasant experience! Iole Lebenzstajn turned out to be an excellent teacher and Jin Shin Jyutsu instructor. Her presentation was extremely well organized and supported by PowerPoint slides. Soft spoken, she created a warm and relaxed environment and answered all questions with insight and humor.

Course Organization

We began the mornings with half an hour of body reading demonstrations, followed by two 1.5-hr long class periods with a mid-morning break in between.  The hands-on practice in groups of three were all during the afternoon and later part of the day.

After an overview of the history of the Art, we spent the first day studying the fundamental principles of Jin Shin Jyutsu: the three-fold division, the depths and their corresponding attitudes and fingers for harmonization, and pulse listening. The next two days, we studied all the Safety Energy Locks and all materials included in the Text 1.

The fourth day of the seminar began with the information given in the “Now Know Myself” Answer Sheet, the Order of Creation, the 12-body Function Energy and revisiting pulse listening. We finished the seminar with the flows from the end of Text 2 and the five-element energy theory.

Pulse Listening

We studied pulse listening every day. Iole began with the simple co

ncept of listening for the Bust, Waist, and Hip Lines and built upon it during the following days by adding the texture of the pulses, the 12-body function energy, etc.

We loved the daily periods dedicated to pulse listening.  At one time, Iole listened to the pulse of all of the class participants and separated us into five groups according to the depth texture of the pulses: gummy, rocks and rods, fluff, gurgles, and pulse. Then, we spent the following hour going around and listening to the various pulses and comparing notes. Surprisingly, listening to the pulses felt much less intimidating and much more fun to practice!



We had great time studying with Iole and we are looking forward to have her back for many other classes.


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