Special Topic Seminar Aug. 4 – 6, 2017

“Bridging the flows from the end of Text 1 and Text 2”

Have you ever wondered what those flows at the end of Text 1 and Text 2 are? Have you wished that you spent a little more time studying them? We all know how it feels at the end of a 5-day Basic Seminar. Fatigued and overloaded with information. Eager to go home and apply the new insights we have gained. And certainly lacking focus and attention for those last pages of Text 2.  Well, this summer we will have an opportunity to spend three days studying only the last pages of Text 1 and Text 2.

We are excited to announce that Carlos Guterres has agreed to come to the Baltimore – Washington, DC area for a 3-day Special Topic Seminar dedicated to the last pages of Text 1 and Text 2. The class is titled “Bridging the Flows From the End Of Text 1 And Text 2” and will be held August 4 – 6, 2017 at the Claggett Retreat and Conference Center located at 3035 Buckeystown Pike, Adamstown, MD 21710.

Price and Registration

The class fee is EB $450 (paid on or before June 5) or Regular $495 (after June 5).

The prerequisite for the class is the completion of one 5-day Basic Seminar.

To register for the class,

  • By check:  write a check payable to the instructor and mail it to the organizers.
  • By credit card: go to the  JSJ®  Scottsdale Office and follow the instructions for online registration.

Note. Class participants who are not staying overnight at the Claggett Center must pay a daily commuter fee of $22 per day. This fee applies for the daily use of the facilities and is in addition to the class price.  The Center offers free and unlimited access to filtered water, hot beverages, and WiFi. Complimentary lunch is also available daily.


The price to stay at the Claggett Center for the duration of the class (Friday morning – Sunday afternoon) is $218.60 for a single room and $191.60 for a double room. All rooms have a private bathroom and access to free WiFi. Meals (Fri lunch through Sunday lunch) are included in the price.

The Center does not accept credit cards and does not communicate directly with the participants. To make a reservation write a check payable to Carlos Guterres and mail it to Marie-Reine Viollin.
Extended accommodations, such as previous night check-in or next-day departure, can be arranged separately by contacting the organizers.

About the Instructor

instructorThis will be Carlos’ third Jin Shin Jyutsu class in our area.  We have already had him as a teacher in 2011, first in April for a 5-Day Basic Seminar, and then in August for a Special Topic Seminar on Numerology. This time, he will teach a Special Topic Seminar on “Bridging the Flows From the End Of Text 1 And Text 2”.

Carlos Gutterres was born in Porto Alegre, Brazil.  From a very young age, he has had a deep interest in the mysteries of nature and the human being. Throughout his life, he has studied philosophy, psychology, numerology, astrology, and Kabbalah.  After twenty years working in the industry, he found a channel to express his accumulated knowledge through the healing arts. He is a Jin Shin Jyutsu 5-day class and Now Know Myself instructor. He has also developed a flower essences system called Vida and is author of numerous articles and the book A New Purpose of Vibrational Healing.

For questions, feel free to contact one of the organizers, Marie-Reine Viollin or Deanna Nikaido.

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