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Simplify, simplify, simplify

Where Is Your Focus?

Hello folks,

Air over Grain – the ancient Chinese character for Qi

Simplicity and beauty seemed to reign the day this past weekend. I don’t know about you, but I love to have a class with an instructor who is a testimony to the simplicity of Jin Shin Jyutsu. And Carlos is one of the few who excel at that! If it is difficult to reach two Safety Energy Locks, why not use a bridge? Or, switch to the opposite side? Or, skip the step? Why flip through the textbooks in search for the “perfect flow”? The one that comes to mind first is the best. And did you notice –  he always gave us alternatives. So that we can find what resonates best with us and practice it.

Common sense was also another focus on Carlos’ presentation. But then again, it has been so at every class I have taken with him.  I remember him saying in 2011, when he last came to teach classes in the area, that “many think that fear can keep you safe, but so will common sense”.  Fear has no home with the spirit of Jin Shin Jyutsu, and Mary Burmeister herself took a page in her textbooks to tell us so (see Text 2,p. 25).

How About the Experience Outside Class?

With the weather warmer than that in April, we were able to enjoy the grounds around Claggett a bit better. I went out for a walk the first morning before class and was able to take a few pictures of the wilderness around. It was still a bit misty and some of the shots came out almost otherworldly.

It seems that the regular evening hang-outs at the lobby are here to stay. I certainly enjoyed the opportunity to reconnect with old friends and make new.  I found out that Dan, who comes from Newark, DE, intended to take two more 5-day Basic seminars this year. He says he did not realize how spoiled he was with this place (Claggett) until he started with the planning for the other two locations.  “It’s a great place to have our class. You don’t have to worry about anything but coming here,” agreed Sue (Chestertown, MD)  over the beautiful poncho she was knitting.

Yes, we did some knitting and stitching while hanging out.  If you have a creative hobby, it is a perfect opportunity to showcase it.  This time, we got to see Mary’s latest quilt. She was finishing it for a charity event at her local church. We also had the opportunity to get acquainted with the Center’s supervisor who joined us with her cross-stitching project.

Many asked if they could get a copy of our group picture from Sunday. If you were one of them, just click on the thumbnail to get to the pictures page.

So, What Is Coming Next?

Well, if you are in the vicinity of Crofton, MD, you always have Mary’s study group every third Tuesday evening of the month. It’s a great place to talk about and explore Jin Shin Jyutsu. Those living on the south side of DC are welcome to come every first Thursday of the month for a study at my house. That would be Thursday, Sep. 7 for the next month. Anyone interested, just email me and I will provide you with the details.

And finally, don’t forget our beloved Wayne Hackett is coming for a 5-day Basic Seminar next April. As soon as I get the specifics from the organizer, Marie-Reine Viollin, I will post them here. Rumor has it that “early birds” have already begun registering for the class online. If you have not had Wayne as an instructor, you are in for a treat. And those of us who already have, are looking forward to his class.

Until next time!



  1. Barbara Dathe

    I didn’t know about this blog. Thank you so much for creating it. What a great way to keep in touch with what is happening in the area.
    The special topic class was wonderful. The organizers did a great job. Great location and great people. I love JSJ classes. The instructors and students are the best. Also, the food was good.

    • liliesofthefield


      I am glad you find this site useful. I post everything that comes my way regarding the Baltimore-Washington, DC area JSJ classes.

  2. Dave myers

    Thank you, once again, for all the good work you continue to do. As a person relatively new to JSJ, the Carlos experience was overwhelming. I thought my head was going to explode the first few days. It was a great addition to my JSJ journey. Dave

    • liliesofthefield

      You were not the only one with a head spinning. Especially that first day – there was so much information, and the cross-references across the Textbooks and various flows. I am thinking, perhaps, we should do comparison between Mediator and Fatigue flow as one of our study topics…

    • liliesofthefield


      Thank you for the encouraging words! I have been on the fence as to whether people will find this blog useful or not.

  3. Marie-Reine

    I back up everything you say, it was a real pleasure to have Carlos with us and meet his lovely wife Vivian who as much as him a Jin Shin Jyutsu human being.
    Claggett Center is a wonderful place for us. Large size conference room, new hotel style accommodation, wonderful surroundings, host and hostess making sure everyone is comfortable…..
    A dream

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