Fingers and Toes

Ahhhh, Fingers and Toes!

Little babies like to suck on their thumbs, and will immediately wrap their little hands around a finger offered to them.  Children like to hold their parents’ hands. As grown-ups, we continue to hold each other’s hand with our loved ones, or hold our own hands together in a prayer.

Have you noticed that we develop fingers and toes before our arms and legs are fully developed during our 9-month fetal development? The Fingers-And-Toes Function Energy comes out the Main Central Vertical Harmonizing Energy (MCV), and is the first of the 144,000 Special Body Function Energy.

Energetic Pathways

In a linear-thinking fashion, we can hold fingers to harmonize all function energy that flows through them. And indeed, plenty of the energetic pathways go through the fingers and the toes. Look at the pictures below, or go through your own notebooks and find for yourself.

There is energy flowing throughout our bodies that links our fingers to our toes. Place your hand over the opposite foot and see the correspondence for yourself. The Thumb aligns with the Little Toe, the Index Finger aligns with the Ring Toe, etc., etc. If you want to see more details, check out Mary Burmeister’s Textbook 1, p. 46. And while on that note, have you noticed that that page numerically reduces to 10 (4+6), and it offers you to hold all your fingers and toes in a 10-step sequence. There are not that many 10-step harmonizing sequences throughout the textbooks.

Don’t forget, however, that cause and effect are never in the same place. If you want to go up the planes of manifestation and reach deeper and closer to the cause of disharmony, you will have to look into the relationships associated with the fingers and toes, rather than the direct energy pathways.


One simple relationship is to hold each finger for its corresponding depth: Thumb for 1st Depth, Index for 4th Depth, Middle for 3rd Depth, Ring for 2nd Depth, and Little Finger for 5th Depth.  And through the fingers-and-toes relationship, you can alternatively hold the toes for their corresponding depths.

There is also page 38 in Text 1, that gives us Finger-Verterbrae and Finger-Organ Function Energy relations. Wayne Hackett says that Mary Burmeister used to hold the corresponding fingers whenever she was talking about the organ functions. If you want to do the same, and see how it feels, you will be working with page 38.

So, how do we hold the fingers according to page 38? Just start with the Thumb for the first verterbra, Index Finger for the second verterbra, etc. For the cervicals, hold the Little finger for all CV 5, 6, and 7. If you want to harmonize the thoracics, remember to include the palm so that you work with the number 12 rather than 10. For example, for TV6, hold the center of the palm, and then reset: Thumb for TV7, Index for TV8, etc. Hold the center of the back of your hand for TV12.

The lumbars are five – so they map directly onto your fingers, see the diagram above.

In the Palm Of Your Hand

Or, you can work with the Self Help books and hold fingers for each Safety Energy Lock (SEL).  According to them, we truly hold the world in our hands!
Look at the picture of the hand. Each of the five fingers has the power to unlock five Safety Energy Locks. The last Safety Energy Lock, SEL 26, governs them all, and is helped through holding the palm of the hand.


Holding fingers or toes also provides irreplaceable quickies for emergency situations. Here are some quickies proven time and again to be extremely effective in emergency situations while waiting for medical help to arrive.

Note!  DO NOT use these quickies as a replacement for necessary medical treatment. Call your doctor, call the emergency and go seek medical help. In the meantime, DO USE the quickies as a supplement to the medical treatment.

If you think someone is having heart attack

Little Finger together with Thoracic Verterbra 5 (TV5) is a great combination helping the Heart Function energy twofold. Obviously, that is something to be done on someone else. For yourself, just hold the little finger.

On someone else, you can also hold the big toes. Make sure you cross your hands and wrap them actually around the ball of the foot (right hand goes to right foot, left hand – to left foot). This is actually the flow to expand the chest in Text 2, page 47

Someone is showing symptoms of anaphylactic shock

Center of palm together with TV 6. Again, Center of palm is directly related to TV 6 and both expand the trachea according to Text 1, page 39.

Symptoms of stroke

Hold little toe and Safety Energy 16 as soon as the symptoms begin. This is the anchor step of the 16-17-18-19 harmonizing sequence given in Textbook 1, p. 31.

And how about some more mundane situations?

For sneezing fits, hold your little toe to help Kidney Function Energy. For hickups, you can help the Diaphragm by holding the center of the palm of your hand. The ring finger is really helpful for dry persistent coughing.  I like holding my ring finger during colds to prevent the development of that lingering cough that occurs so frequently at the end of an illness. And for belly aches, the thumb is a great finger to hold. Even better alternative is actually holding the big toes, especially if you have someone else to hold them for you. If you have eaten too much at your favorite restaurant and now you are feeling full beyond description, hold the fourth toe with the opposite Safety Energy Lock 14.

And my favorite: place your thumb over the Ring and Little Finger nails on the same hand while walking, jogging, or doing any cardio-vascular activity. This finger posture helps with breathing and heart palpitations due to strenuous exercise. And, by the way, it is a Quickie/SelfHelp for the Safety Energy Lock 26 harmonizing sequence.

Don’t forget to smile!

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    Thank you for the information on fingers and toes. The illustrations are very helpful.

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