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Fingers and Toes

Ahhhh, Fingers and Toes!

Fingers and Toes

Babies like to suck on their thumbs, and will immediately wrap their little hands around a finger offered to them. Children frequently hold hands – with their friends, parents, siblings. As grown-ups, many continue the hand-holding habits with those who are close to us.

If you look up the stages of fetal development, you will find out that the fingers and toes develop before the arms and legs. From Jin Shin Jyutsu perspective, the Fingers-And-Toes Function Energy comes out the Main Central Vertical Harmonizing Energy which is our most fundamental energetic circulation.

In a linear-thinking fashion, we can hold fingers to harmonize all function energy that flows through them. And indeed, plenty of the energetic pathways go through the fingers and the toes

There is an energy circulation, however, that links our fingers to our toes. Place a hand over the opposite foot and see the correspondence for yourself. The thumb aligns with the little toe, the index finger aligns with the ring toe, etc., etc. Even more so, that finger-toe energy circulation weaves through the body in a thorough fashion through all of our vertebrae.

If you wonder which finger-toe flow corresponds to which vertebra – look at the picture to the right. We start with the thumbs/pinky toes and count down the vertebrae. For example, the thumb/little toe function energy flows through the Thoracic Vertebra No1. For the index/ring toe, the circulation flows through TV 2, etc. The sixth, TV 6, vertebra corresponds to the palm (inner) of the hand and the order re-cycles.

Alternatively, we can hold our fingers to help open various Safety Energy Locks. The Safety Energy Locks (SEL) are minor energetic intersections along the various pathways within our bodies, similar to the seven major ones which many of us know as the chakras.

There are 26 pairs of SEL, each lying along the major vertical energetic pathways (Supervisors) and corresponding to particular functions.


Holding fingers or toes also provides irreplaceable quickies for various discomforts. If you are interested, try the following quickies and see for yourself.

For sneezing fits, hold your little toes. The ring finger is really helpful for dry persistent coughing.  I like holding my ring finger during colds to prevent the development of that lingering cough that occurs so frequently at the end of an illness. And for belly aches, the thumb is a great finger to hold. An even better alternative for bellyache is actually holding the big toes, especially if you have someone else to hold them for you. At Thanksgiving, after a large meal and when feeling full beyond description, hold the fourth toe. That is if you can reach them. 🙂

And my favorite quickie: place your thumb over the ring and little fingernails of the same hand while walking, jogging, or doing any cardiovascular activity. This finger posture actually comes from the Yogic tradition and it helps with breathing and heart palpitations due to strenuous exercise.

Don’t forget to smile!

For more information on how we can help ourselves by way of our hands, check out my website dedicated to Jin Shin Jyutsu For my self-paced self-help classes click here.

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