Main Central Universal Vertical Harmonizing Energy

What a Treat!

I’ve heard some do Main Central and nothing else for self-help. I never knew what the big fuss was about until I experienced the Main Central sequence with directionality given in the ’79 version of Mary Burmeister’s Textbook.

Now, I am a convert and an addict. As soon as the second step, my head cold cleared up, the quality of my breathing dramatically improved. My mind quiet, I got up the table calm and centered. The effect lasted days and days despite the usual distractions of daily stress at work and in the family. I was the eye of the storm, and I was able to maintain it.

If you are more sensitive to the energetic flow, you might experience the waves flowing through your body. Or at least, that is what two of my friends told me on separate and unrelated occasions. One of the two was not even a practitioner of Jin Shin Jyutsu.

Do You Want To Try It?

If you have  a friend with whom to exchange, and you would like to try the MC with directionality sequence, here is a set of sketches. Just follow the harmonizing sequence from page 37 of Textbook 1  as taught in the standard 5-day Basic Seminars. The arrows of the hands follow the directionality in the palms from page 9 of Textbook 1.


You start by sitting on the right and placing your right hand at the base of the sternum with fingers pointing towards the head. The flow in your right hand facilitates the down-the-front motion the Main Central Vertical Harmonizing Energy (MCV). The left hand, meanwhile, is placed consequently along the spine in the area of SELs 9, 10, 3, 11, and 12. In all five positions, the left hand fingers point towards the base of the spine. The direction of the energy flow in your left hand opposes the natural up-the-back direction of the MCV energetic flow. Then, you move your right hand to the coccyx, again, keeping your fingers towards the head. At this point, however, the flow in your right hand opposes the MCV up-the-back motion.  Continue with the left hand along the spine at the locations of SELs 23 and 4, still keeping the left hand fingers pointing towards the base of the spine. Then, move your left hand between the eyebrows with fingers towards the top of the head. In the last step, place your left hand over the pubis with fingers towards the head (the right hand still being at the coccyx).


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