Third Method Correction

So, is it Third Method Correction or Third Method OF Correction?

Everybody calls those Methods of Correction, but the Textbook 1, pages 55 – 57, clearly don’t contain the preposition. Numerically Third Method resonates with 1 (32 + 29 + 57 = 118). And it does make sense to me that we have three different Corrections for different situations, rather than three methods of one correction.

The experience of each one of the Methods, Jiro Murai is quoted to have said, could reverse life-long conditions. They are powerful. They are versatile. And each one serves its purpose to the fullest.

For anything emotional, use the First Method. For anything physical and structural, the Second Method is what you need. And, when you need to work on your mind, use the Third Method.

Between Heaven and Earth, Man stands in the middle. The Third Method helps congestions in the middle, Waist line. It helps the Mediator restore its relationship to the Main Central Vertical Energy, and can clear up mental disharmony.  The Third Method is what you reach for when you need release from your mental prison. It helps the mind to clear up, to change and become more open to accept healing.

The Emergency Room

The Third Method is always good in emergency situations as a self-help while waiting for other help to arrive.

Use the Third Method also when you do not know what else to do.  By bringing your mind back to harmony – you can see more clearly and you can recognize better what is good for you. Jin Shin Jyutsu instructor Carlos Gutteres says he likes to start with the Third Method on clients who are focussed too much on their sickness. To help calm their mind and move onto more harmonious thoughts. Then, he would follow with other flows to address their specific situations.

Help Yourself

Here is how you can help yourself.  Thank you to Marie-Reine Viollin for sharing that sequence!

Place Right Hand on top of head and keep it there.


  1. L.H.  on the coccyx
  2. L.H. Between the eyes (20)
  3. L.H on Top of nose
  4. L.H at Base of throat
  5. L.H on Middle of sternum (13)
  6. L.H. on Base of sternum (14)
  7. L.H. on Small of the back (23)
  8. L.H. on Neck from base of skull to shoulders
  9. L.H. on Pubic bone

Next time you find yourself in a bind and have no idea which flow to give yourself, try the Third Method!




  1. Leslie Demich - Reply

    Hello — thank you for sharing your observation regarding whether it is “Method Correction” or “Method OF Correction,” In Mary’s 1979 text, she refers to “First Method Correction,” but then “Second Method OF Correction” and Third Method OF Correction” (pages 33-35). I’m wondering if there was simply an error in leaving out “OF” or if it was Mary’s choice to drop the “OF” in the rewriting of the contemporary text. Perhaps one of our instructors could weigh in?

    • liliesofthefield - Reply

      I agree with you. Since I noticed for the first time, I presented the question to both Carlos and Wayne and they did confirm the original name not having the preposition “Of”. The proposition is definitely missing in my textbooks. My guess is that MB might have aimed for a particular numeric value of the phrase by choosing not to include the prepositions.

  2. Rula - Reply

    Thank you for this helpful method ,but i didnt understand the Small of the back 23 !i know there is 23 on bothe sides
    So you meant to put on the middle of 23 (spine)

    • liliesofthefield - Reply

      Yes – you place your hand along the spine at the level of SEL 23. The 3rd Method is about the relationship with the Main Central and is one of the few flows that goes along the spine – the other two are the Main Central itself, and the 13 flow to the extent that it is symmetric.

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