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Pain in neck, arm, wrist, etc.

I just came across a 2013-article about stiff neck and shoulder pain that I wanted to share.  I found this Self-Help hold posted on an interesting page called Flows For Life.

As a person who works a lot with computers, I have almost chronic pain in my right arm – from neck and  shoulder, down the arm through the elbow, to the wrist and fingers. Call it carpal tunnel syndrome, if you prefer labels, or just persistent pain due to overexertion of my right arm.

Naturally, I tried the hold right away. Last night before bed, following the instructions,  I placed my right hand on my right shoulder, and placed my left hand on my right elbow in the area of SEL 19. Ah, how it felt! Within 5 minutes, it was feeling warm and light, and by the 10th minute any aching had gone away. In fact, a persistent pain in my ring finger that has been pestering me since August, disappeared as well.

Thank you,  Astrid Kauffmann for sharing this Self-Help hold with the rest of us!

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