Gall Bladder and Small Intestine Function Energy

Have you ever listened to more than one indication in the pulses? Or, what if the body shows too many signs of disharmony. You sit there with a head spinning while flipping through your mental list of what you could do. Too many options, too many symptoms to address. That is the moment when I know I have not reached deep enough for the one flow that helps all.

Gall Bladder And Small Intestine At the Same Time?

So, what if you needed one flow that helps Gall Bladder and Small Intestine Functions at the same time?

This was a total case of self-help gone lazy. Indications pointed to the need for harmonizing both Gall Bladder and Small Intestine Function energy. It was late at night and I was so tired and ready to sleep, that I had energy only to hold a finger, maybe two. So, I turned to Text 1, page 38 of Mary Burmeister’s books, and … ¬†surprise! I did not have to hold even two fingers, but only ONE! There it was:¬†Thoracic Vertebra 10 (for Gall Bladder) and Lumbar Vertebra 4 (for Small Intestine) both correspond to the ring finger.

I held the ring finger that night. It felt so good that I even held both sides before I fell asleep. All the while, I was wondering how many other things the ring fingers were helping at the same time. Sadness and grief? Breathing? Eyes?  Safety Energy Locks 7, 2, 17, 4, and 14? Umbilicus and Diaphragm Function Energy?

Come to think of it, Gall Bladder and Small Intestine must have more in common than simply the ring finger. Both relate strongly to Light – Gall Bladder being the receiver of Light in the body, and Small Intestine being the “vehicle of illumination”. Safety Energy Lock 20, Spiritual Vision, plays an important role in the harmony of both. But on that, perhaps, another day…

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