5 Day Class with Wayne Hackett

All right folks,

Here is the information we have been eagerly awaiting. I don’t know about you, but I am surely excited to welcome back to the Baltimore-Washington, DC area our beloved Jin Shin Jyutsu instructor Wayne Hackett.

For those who are new to the Jin Shin Jyutsu community, Wayne Hackett began studying Jin Shin Jyutsu with Mary Burmeister in 1977. He is currently one of the three most senior instructors of Jin Shin Jyutsu and travels extensively around the globe to teach and help others expand their understanding of the Art. His teaching style is highly entertaining and focusses on the various relationships present in Jin Shin Jyutsu. If you are planning to attend, be prepared to have a lot of fun, get many wonderful insights, and simply enjoy the anecdotes he shares about his studies with Mary Burmeister.

What, When And Where

The seminar will be held April 18-22, 2018 at the Claggett Center. I have already placed it on the calendar for 2018, so you might want to add it to yours.

As a 5-day Basic Seminar, the class is open to everyone, both new and returning Jin Shin Jyutsu students. Registration has become super easy nowadays. Just go to the online registration page and sign up for the class.

The tuition follows the rates established by the office at Scottsdale. Early bird rates apply so long as you pay in full no later than 60 days before the class begins. Check with Scottsdale to find out what is the deadline for Early Bird registration.

Also, don’t forget to let the organizers know if you will be needing CEU credits.

Accommodations, Reservations, And Rates

The class will be held at the Claggett Retreat and Conference Center. The fee for 4 nights is $490.00 for a single room and $436.00 per person for a double room. The fee includes breakfast, lunch, and dinner meals beginning with Wednesday lunch and ending with Sunday lunch.

If you are arriving Tuesday night, the cost for the extra night (including Wednesday breakfast) is $96.00 for a single room, and $81.00 per person for a double room.

I have compiled a short page on Claggett Center with detailed list of the accommodations and amenities available.

And finally, keep in mind the following two important points:
Reservations go through the organizers and not the center.

Availability of rooms is on the first come first serve basis. To find out what is currently available, call or email the organizers, Marie-Reine Viollin or Deanna Nikaido. The Center does not keep staff on site to answer questions or accept payments. All payments for the accommodations must go through the organizers.

local participants must pay a commuter fee

Local participants who do not stay overnight at the Center must pay a commuter fee of $22.00 per day for the use of the facilities.  The Center offers free and unlimited access to filtered water, hot and cold beverages, and WiFi. Complimentary lunch is also available daily.





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