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Safety Energy Lock 8

The Nature Of Eight


8″ came into the universe meaning rhythm, strength, peace” says Mary Burmeister in her Self Help Books. It is a symbol of the Hermetic principle “As Above, So Below”. Eight is magic. In the middle of eight, the world above and the world below touch. At the Safety Energy Lock 8, the Mediator, symbol of Spirit and our emotions, meets the Supervisor, symbol of the body and reason. At the middle of 8, we have a choice, either to descend further into matter, or to rise higher in the spiritual realms.

Eight is the same as the symbol for infinity, only stood upright. With eight, we have infinite possibilities for miracles to occur.

The Eight In the World Around

Dahlia Flower
Dahlia Flower, Credit: (c) Can Stock Photo / Jurij

I tried to find some flowers to include for this post, but somehow I had difficulties finding flowers with eight petals. Five-petal flowers were plenty, the eight-petal – not so much. Eventually, I found a couple of flowers from the Dahlia family that had eight petals. Here is one particularly beautiful.

On the other hand, man appears to enjoy working with the number eight. There are a lot of concepts and objects that come with a built-in pattern of eight. The Star of Ishtar is an eight-pointed star. Then, you have Buddha’s Eightfold Path to liberation and the Dharma Wheel to represent that path. The eight basic trigrams of Daoism also are usually arranged in a regular octagon pattern called Bagua.

On a more mundane note, you can find “8” easily in many eight-pointed stars and octagon shaped objects, as well. Think of the compass with the four cardinal and four intermediate directions. And how about the octagon-shaped Stop signs regulating traffic everywhere in the world.

Malta Knights Flag
Malta Knights Flag, Credit: (c) Can Stock Photo / argus

I found the most interesting image of eight, however, in the Malta Knights Flag. It does not appear as a typical octagon or a regular eight-pointed star. It looks like a cross-like object that has been doubled to an eight. It comes with a built-in mirror symmetry – the parts “Above” are reflections of the parts “Below”. And they all touch in the center. The symbol, actually, turns out to be quite ancient. In the British Museum, there is a statue of a Sumerian king. Hanging on his neck, you can see a curious object that looks like a cross, but at close inspection, it appears as the same eight-pointed object as in the Malta Knights Flag.

The Experience Of Eight

Safety Energy Lock 8 opens the pelvic area and facilitates anything pelvic related. SEL 8 is along the pathway of both the Mediator and the Supervisor. At SEL 8, the Mediator flows from the coccyx on its way down the leg. There as well, the Supervisor flows upward into the pelvic area. An open SEL 8, therefore, clears up the energy that flows both in and out of the pelvic area.

Open SEL 8 can help you regulate temperature. If you feel too hot, or too cold, hold your SELs 8. It brings the cooling and heating functions back into balance. I have personally experienced the “thermostat” function of the 8’s. Half an hour before a presentation in front of a large audience in a relatively cold room, I started shivering. Perhaps it was due to the cold, or the stress, or perhaps it was due to both. As I was sitting in my chair, I simply reached and held the outer sides of my knees (SEL 8). The shivers went away within several minutes. Interestingly, I was still aware of the cold air in the room – only it did not “bother” me anymore.

There are many ways to help open the SEL 8. In her Self Help books, Mary Burmeister recommends that you can sit on your hands (SELs 25), or place your hands on your hips (SELs 2), or simply hold your index fingers .

What is your own relationship with the Safety Energy Lock 8?

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