Safety Energy Locks 15, 3, and 6

The Relationship Between Safety Energy Locks 15, 3, And 6

There must be a very strong relationship between Safety Energy Locks 15, 3, and 6. Only, I have not been able to sort it out to my heart’s content.

The first indication for such a relationship is on the page 19 of the Textbook 1. At the top of the page, we are told to open SEL 15 first before applying the harmonizing sequence for opening SEL 3. And that sequence is designed to have 6 steps so that it resonates numerically with SEL 6. What shall we make out of that? A friend and a fellow Jin Shin Jyutsu student commented on that page humorously, “don’t open the door unless you are laughing”.

The Self Help books continue with that intertwining of 15, 3, and 6. Self help for opening SEL 3 is to hold same side SELs 15 and 3. Self help for opening SEL 6 is to hold SEL 15. And together, SELs 15 and 6 form the anchor step for the harmonizing sequence to open SEL 15.  Those two SELs are also the 4th and 5th steps of the famous SEL 10 “Breathing” Flow. When you look at their functions, SEL 3 is the Respiratory Specialist while SEL 6 is the Respiratory Governor. Both SELs 15 and 6 resonate with Balance. SEL 6 is the physical balance, while SEL 15 (1+5=6) relates to the mental balance.

Has you head begun to spin yet? Mine has and so I’d rather stop. It is starting to sound too much like chasing my tail in circles rather than appreciating the simplicity of the art of Jin Shin Jyutsu.

What Do They Do?

We have all heard a lot about SELs 15, 3, and 6 at the seminars. Here, I will share simply what I have experienced or witnessed personally.

Opening SEL 15 can  clear up severe head congestions. I’ve witnessed it on a close friend. After an-hour-long JSJ session and a night of self-help, her severe head congestion that had been going on for weeks, cleared up the following morning. I, too, have experienced the head clearing up effect of SEL 15 myself, though to a milder extent only.

When I sprained my ankle I gave myself many flows, mostly 5-6-7-8 Flow, and Special Body Function No. 3 (SELs 5 and 16). When I exhausted all my own ideas, I picked a “random” card from Waltraud Riegger-Krause’s set “Health Is In Your Hands“, and I was surprised to find out it was SEL 3. I placed one hand on my shoulder and with the other hand touched my thumb to each of the fingers of the same hand. Immediately, I felt warmth and a pleasant feeling spreading throughout my injured ankle. The relationships in that case, however, still remains a puzzle for me.

One of the “good-for-everything” flows, the sequence for opening SELs 5, 6, 7, and 8 is one of my favorites. Its effect has been subtle rendering it impossible for me to distinguish between each of the involved Safety Energy Locks. Yet, I have heard testimonies to its effectiveness even in severe situations. Curiously, the sequence is more easily applied as self help (if you sit on a couch and prop your feet up) rather than on someone else. If you haven’t experienced it lately, you may wish to revisit with it.

Remember to laugh.
Open the door to all new.
Regain your balance.


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