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Poems, Prayers, Limericks, et al.

There once was a group of like Pals.
Who studied a few SEL’s.
Should we be still and know?
Or break down the old?
Neither God nor Wayne Hackett will tell!

Hello Jin Shin Jyutsu enthusiasts!

The weather in the Northern Virginia area has been quite cold lately.  Just the perfect time for hibernating and some meditation on favorite topics. One of them is converting our numeric Jin Shin Jyutsu flows into words. To that end, you can use the descriptions of the Safety Energy Locks in Mary Burmeister’s Self Help Book II or Alice Burmeister’s Touch of Healing. You simply take the descriptive words and substitute them for their corresponding Safety Energy Lock.  Once you string them together into words, they feel like little poems or prayers. And they make it easier to remember the steps in a harmonizing sequence.

Numbers to Symbols

If you have taken classes with either Carlos Gutterres or Wayne Hackett, you probably have already seen such “poems” or “prayers”. Here is one example of what I am talking about. Wayne Hackett offered it, among many others, during his 5-day seminar in April 2013 in the Baltimore, MD – Washington, DC area.

16-17-18-19 Flow

Break down the old, let the new emerge (SEL16)
And do away with fear (little toe)
Be still and know (SEL25)
Clear Mind, Spirit, and Body (19, 17, 18)
Be happy (15)

The words need not form complicated, elaborate, or lengthy verse and prose. It could be something as simple as “Don’t open the Door unless you are Laughing first” for the advice on opening SEL 15 before we continue with the Harmonizing sequence to open SEL 3.

Seven Perfect Steps

The first such poem that I attempted was about the Heart flow during a special topic seminar presented by Carlos in August 2011. Five years later, I finally found my confidence to write it down properly and share it with my Jin Shin Jyutsu friends at the Crofton study.

Let go of all the burdens
And hear the Voice inside.
Be happy and content
To have your Source
of Nourishment and Joy.
Go back to oneness
Where there is no fear.
You are the perfect Self
You were created to be.

That was about two years ago, and you can tell I was all about “perfection”. Two years later, and numerous days of holding my pinky finger 🙂 , the “poem” sounded too serious for me. So, I re-wrote it the other day using much more mundane tone.

Drop the shoulders
Listen to the silent Voice.
You can be happy and content anywhere
Once you find your Source of nourishment.
Remember to laugh.
There is no one out there but you.
You are Spirit in matter
As perfect as ever.


The 16-17-18-19 Flow “poem” is from the notes I took during Wayne Hackett’s seminar in April 2013. The two Heart flow “poems” are my own invention. The limerick was written by Liz T., and the SEL15-3 relationship line was offered by Dave M.

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