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The Turning Points in Life

So, how does a turning point in life feel? The funny thing is that as much as you hope for it and await it, it does sneak up on you, after all. Perhaps I got bogged down too much with my daily drama, or, just maybe, I got tired of waiting for it. When it finally came, however, it did so without much fanfare or fireworks. And, it happened all along while I was busy looking elsewhere.

Are we there yet?

If you find yourself in the midst of one of those life periods, still yourself for a moment and feel the “newness” wafting through the air. Don’t let past struggles color your present. In the clamor of the world, the new comes in quietly rather than with a bang.

You will discover that you have reached the turning point by the sense of renewal around you. New ideas will crowd in your head, and you will get the urge to start new projects. Be bold and confident in starting those projects, but tread carefully! The tide has just changed from ebb to flow, not reached its peak.

If you think such turning points do not concern you or doubt you will ever have one, you might want to reconsider. In the context of our life cycles, everyone gets a turning point. That chance comes at least three times in life: during the ages of 14-15, 43-44, and 72-73 years. These are the troughs of the waves of the 29-Year Saturnian Cycle of the World and mark the beginning of opportunities for growth on the physical plane.

Here is what the Chinese Classic Book of Changes has to say on the topic of Turning Points in Life:

24. Fu/Return

A time of darkness has come to a close.

This moment is akin to the winter solstice: the greatest adversity is past, and the light is beginning to return… Let things develop naturally, in their own way. Simply observe and accept changes as you observe and accept the rising of the sun. Allow yourself to rest and gather strength for a time of growth ahead.

The I Ching, commentary and translation by Brian Browne Walker

Plan Ahead

So, watch out for the turning points in life and don’t let them pass you by. You might have to wait another 29 years before the next one comes. And if you find yourself but on a crest of the Saturnian wave (ages 29, 58) it is a turning point of a new lease of life and a chance to let go of the old.

Regardless of which turning point is coming next, its arrival is as inevitable as the Sun’s passing through the winter solstice. Why not make the best of it!


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