Summer Schedule

Hello everyone,

Here are some updates for the upcoming summer months.

Summer 2019 Self-Help Class Schedule

Classes are offered in two formats depending on demand. The in-person classes are held in the Springfield, VA area. The “Zoom” classes are long-distance held via Zoom. If you are not in the area, or wish to avoid the Northern Virginia traffic, choose a class via Zoom.

Book three Life Coaching sessions for the price of two.

If you have been curious about life coaching or other services that I offer, May 15- Aug. 15 is the best time to explore them. The offer is valid only during May 15 – August 15.

Pricing and logistics

The pricing for all the services and classes is posted in our Brochure. You can book an appointment with me via this link. For class registration or questions, use the form below.

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