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How to Restore Your Balance When You Feel Light-Headed

Have you ever felt light-headed and faint after a long and exhausting trip?

I just completed my 13hr-long trip across the Atlantic and most of Europe and I was feeling slightly weak and lightheaded. Loss of sleep, mild dehydration from the airplane ride, and reduced food intake were probably combining to make me feel a bit woozy. So, I decided to use Jin Shin Jyutsu to help myself. In her Self Help Books, Mary Burmeister recommends holding Safety Energy Lock 6 for Balance as well as digestive discomforts. The combination appeared a fitting description of my physical discomforts.

Only, I kept it easy and actually held Safety Energy Locks 15 and 3 together in lieu of 6. I placed one hand on my opposite shoulder while the other hand on the same side of the groin area and felt better within 10 minutes. I am still jet-lagged a bit, but feel almost normal and ready to enjoy my European vacation.

Stay tuned! Soon, I’ll be posting pictures from the beautiful mountains of Bulgaria.

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