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The Small Miracles

“Teacher, what miracles can you perform? I heard of a master who could perform great miracles. And I saw another one who showed us his spectacular powers. Do you have such powers?”
“I can perform only small miracles,” the master said. “When I am hungry, I eat; when I am thirsty, I drink; and when I am hurt – I forgive.”

So frequently we wonder what our purpose in life is. And we always picture something grand – giving up our possessions and moving to the slums to help the poor, creating the next great invention to solve world hunger, discovering the cure for a scary disease. Life, however, is made of small things – the smiles, the greetings, the letting go of a grievance, the stretched-out hand to someone in need. It is so easy to miss that. In the quest of grandeur and Herculean labors, are we failing our true calling?

Think about that next time someone cuts in front of you on the freeway. You could be on your way to the most important summit for world peace, yet what good would it do if you arrived there angry. And forgot to thank the person who held the elevator door for you! And that person felt unappreciated and went home and took it out on his kids. And those kids grew up to be resentful. You get the picture. Our thoughts, deeds, feelings exist not in a vacuum but within a gigantic elaborate network where they affect everyone all the time.

So, perhaps, that master had it all right – it is the small miracles that matter. The big things seem to take care of themselves, though you might argue, forgiving of itself is no small miracle! 🙂

Eat when you are hungry and rest when you are tired! And, if you can, let go of perceived hurts! Smile! My friend Marie says that even fake laughter is better than no laughter. I’d add here, that even a fake smile is better than no smile. Eventually, the fake is bound to give way to the genuine.


  1. Barbara Dathe

    Thank you for this message. I hope it is okay with you, I printed it out and gave it to a friend who I thought could really benefit from it. ( As of course I can as well.

  2. Tatiana

    I am all up for it, Marie! When I get too serious and full of myself, I remind myself that there is a Laughing Buddha, not a Serious Buddha 😁

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