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Why Follow Trends When You Can Follow Intuition

It is my friend Kremena who usually writes the posts on the Joy of Simple on our site, but I could not resist it today. After a consultation with her on the color scheme followed by many months of plotting and planning, my house is finally repainted.

I’ve noticed interior decoration is a favorite past time among the general population nowadays. What I haven’t seen, however, is anyone going beyond the general trends and aesthetics. Yet, colors affect us all on a deep psychological level – darks versus light, reds versus blue. Add to that that each one of us is in a unique mind space, and the question of color becomes intensely personal.

Do you need to boost your optimism and sense of abundance in life? Perhaps you need to paint your living room green? Or, if you are in your 40’s, an age that corresponds to water, blue might be just the thing for you. If you are uncertain about what color you need most for harmony at this time, do what I did. I simply asked for a Joy of Simple session with my friend.

By Kremena’s recommendation, I also removed some furniture and added plants. Two inexpensive steps with an extraordinary effect on the general ambiance of my rooms. Here, I’ve added pictures of my living room. The first one is from last year and the second was taken just this morning. Judging by the drastic change in the color scheme, I must have transitioned into a new stage in life. 🙂

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