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Winter Thoughts

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It’s been a busy fall for me. As the semester winds down, students are taking their final exams, and the College is preparing for winter break. I find myself unable to muster the energy to run to and fro or to take up many tasks. Instead, I dream of cozy times on the couch with a warm blanket and a good book.

I no longer feel like going places, running errands, working on my creative ideas. Instead, all I want is to sit next to the fireplace, drink a hot cup of tea, and perhaps knit myself a new pair of wool socks. Occasional walk in the park with my dog also sounds nice.

We might enjoy summer and profess a liking for the hot and bright summer days, but winter has its charm. The colors around take up a different hue; the sky is meditative, the shadows are long. It is time to rest, reflect on our accomplishments, and enjoy the present moment.

As the winter solstice approaches inexorably, remember to be kind to yourself. So what if you didn’t finish all that you set about to do last year. We are all fallible and no need to constantly berate ourselves with harsh criticism. Accept things as they are, forgive your mistakes, and make this season a “winter of our content.” The past is gone, and the future not yet come. What else is out there, but now?

Happy hibernating to all!


  1. dfo

    So well put Tatiana! This is inspiring me to get in the winter mood and slow down. Like you said pick up a book and relax on the couch with no thought for the future but just enjoy the present moment . do

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