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I Experience What I Do Unto Others

Our Universe is very curious, my friends! The “do unto others” Golden Rule, apparently, can be taken quite literally!

The Setup

The day appeared just like any other until I arrived at the College and discovered that a colleague had done something underhanded. What irked me the most was that it was completely unnecessary! I would have happily cooperated and helped her do what she wanted. So, I opened my email box and started writing an angry email. Only, before I could even string a few words together, a student appeared at my desk. They had a problem with their instructor, and “could I possibly help them resolve it?” I put my email on hold and listened to the student.

The Distractions

Half an hour later, with a happy student and one conflict less in the world, another student showed up. She, too, had a conflict with her instructor. I didn’t have a solution for her but decided to lend a friendly ear nevertheless. Another half an hour later, the problem remained, but the student appeared happier, calmer, and optimistic about her class. She even thanked me for letting her “vent.” At that point, it was time for my next class so I ran upstairs to do my physics lecture. Any thoughts of angry emails were entirely forgotten.

The Resolution

I didn’t remember about the conflict with my colleague until much later that evening. I opened my email once again to send my thoughts on the matter and discovered an email from the “offending” colleague. In it, she profusely apologized for the lapse of judgment and was ready to do whatever she could to remedy the situation!?! All of a sudden, there was nothing to do or complain about. Her sincere apology and willingness to make amends left no room for conflict or resentment.

Now, I don’t know what to think about the whole experience. What happened? This was certainly no series of coincidences! Could it be that my spending the day helping others affected directly my personal situation? Or, was it being still and doing “nothing” about the situation that made space for the universe to adjust and self-correct? Karma, “Do unto others…”, or “Casting my bread upon the waters?”

Cast your bread upon the waters, for you will find it after many days.

Eclesiastes, 11:1


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