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Closet Chaos

When the monster hiding in the closet gets out of control, this is what happens – chaos and disorganized clothes. Well, in my case, it is not the closet monster to blame but our busy lifestyle – washing clothes and just piling them up in the closet. So today, I decided that it is finally time to address the issue and dispel the procrastination closet monster by organizing the top shelf in one of our closets.

I started by separating the clothes in groups – sweaters/workout tops/joggers. In the process, I found some ancient ones that I put away for donations. Then I put each group in a separate storage bin (the bins do not have to be very sturdy since they will not support much weight but rather serve as dividers) and voila! My heart is singing with joy after the decluttering and tidying up.

And since I am a very process-oriented person – here is the process improvement that occurred during this exercise:

  1. Decluttering
  2. Clothes categorization and visibility
  3. Easy access

It took me exactly half an hour to do this exercise. So stop procrastinating, face your closet monster, minimize your clutter and get organized!

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