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Knock your socks off

One sock, two socks, red sock, blue sock …

While I love laundry folding, I am not fond of matching and folding the washed socks. Throughout the years, I have experimented with different ways of folding and organizing socks, and I have never succeeded in achieving both visibility and easy access. Until now!

It finally hit me – why don’t I organize and store my socks the way I am storing my other clothes in the drawers of my dresser. Instead of folding over or rolling/tucking, I experimented with the following method, which satisfied my requirements for visibility/easy access.

Step 1: Lay the socks onto each other with the heels facing each other

Step 2: Fold in two for ankle socks, in three for crew socks and in four for knee high socks

Step 3: Stack them up

And here is the final result – neatly folded, well visible, and easy to access socks. How awesome is this!

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