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Everything but the Kitchen Sink

I am sure you have that kitchen drawer too… The one that has everything but the kitchen sink. It does not have a specific purpose – it is not a spice, tray, pantry or a container drawer. It is just one of these drawers, where you put items that do not belong anywhere else. So, apparently, I had two of these drawers. I ignored them for years, until I finally found the courage to clean and organize them.

In the first drawer, I found 9 tea boxes (!), bagged spices, some medicinal herbs and random things that I absolutely forgot about – like Christmas cookie cutters and Easter eggs painting kits. The second drawer had a lot of plastic utensils and napkins.

One of the keys for successful organization is item visibility. You need to be able to see and easily retrieve every single item in your drawers. Organizing the items in groups and in separate containers helps a lot with achieving visibility.

I put all plastic utensils in a clear plastic box, all sponges/scrubbers in a container, and also unpacked the napkins in another container. Now it is so much easier to restock the napkin holder in the dining room and I can see when I am getting low on napkins. Again, I cannot stress this enough, visibility is the key in any space or room organization. If you don’t see it, you will most likely not use it.

And here is the final result. I am so happy and content now…

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  1. Tatiana

    I had one drawer, too. A completely desperate situation. But now with our kitchen renovation, I was forced to empty everything. It feels good to let go of all the accumulated stuff. And, it is certainly reassuring to know I am not alone with this kitchen drawer business…😀

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