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What I Think, I Attract

The Universe and specifically the Law of Attraction are not based on language but the intensity of our deeply-seated concerns. If I desire earnestly to beautify my garden, eventually, I will attract what it needs to make it so. If, on the other hand, I spent my day concerning myself with how to avoid illness, guess what? I am going to attract illness. And the more intensely and adamantly I fight it, the more likely that it will happen. In the words of A Course In Miracles, we are making it more real to ourselves.

For too long we have been thinking in the negative – no violence, fight illness, remove unfairness. And sadly along the way, we have been getting more of it in return. Let’s make an experiment today. Let’s spend five minutes to paint a picture of what we want in positive strokes. Bring in the ideas of harmony, health, abundance, and let them replace the negatives. Think of how the world will look like when we finally put it to rights.

It’s time to reclaim our power for change and exercise it toward true freedom and true peace.


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