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That’s It

Photo Credit: © Can Stock Photo / zilva

There was one parking spot left on the corner. I parked the car and went into the store. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to buy anything, but I let the store people talk me into it. When I finally walked out, it had been almost two hours. I was vaguely worried about my car. First, I couldn’t remember on which corner I had parked. Then, I found the corner, but the car was gone. Nearby, I found a sloppy sign that said “No Parking!” Arghh! They towed my car, and now I had to go pick it up and pay the fine. Then, I stopped myself. Something felt suspicious. I would call my husband and ask him to come with me. And then I thought, “That’s it. I’ve had it with all this!” and woke up. I wasn’t even upset or distraught – I was simply tired of the pedestrian drama and had no patience for it anymore.

Is that how we are going to feel when we finally let go of our attachments and find release from the drama created by the ego?

Ready to wake up home?

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