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The Interplay of Elements

It has been long in the making but it is finally here. I have completed and published the second class in my Jin Shin Jyutsu sequence of self-help courses, The Interplay of Elements.

In the second class, we go into the twelve-fold division of the daily FE: Lung, Large Intestine, Stomach, etc. I also included material on the TCM 5-Element Theory and The Order of Creation.

If you are interested in those topics, now is the time to check out the class. Udemy is running a promotion at deeply discounted price for the next five days. To take advantage of that, use the coupon code BFB8CBCAD4BEB1B5B97

You can also go directly to the coupon URL link:

Udemy usually has a 30-day return policy and you gain life-time access to any materials for classes that you purchase.

Please, keep in mind that this is a second course in a sequence and as such it builds on top of our previous one, In Movement with Jin Shin Jyutsu. In order to be able to follow the new material, you are expected to be familiar with the Depths and Safety Energy Locks of JSJ.

Have no idea what JSJ is? No worries, you can read here about my history with JSJ and find out links to more resources. I also maintain a whole site dedicated to JSJ at

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