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Laughter and Play

We’re here to play,
To show another way
Of light and joy;
To live with abandon.

Luminous and boundless,
We come from the stars
And will go back to the stars
After a little while.

We’re not made of dust
And temporary emotions.
We’re of the stars –
Eternal and bright.

We’re here to walk
The path for a while
And, then, go back home
To play with the light.

Remember to laugh
And enjoy yourself.
For, what else is there
In the apparent world?

Little is left for us to walk –
With suffering in the past
And only release ahead of us.
We have remembered
Our authentic Self
And have freed ourselves
From the nonexistent chains.
Now, we walk with Him
In gratitude and grace,
Shining the light
For everyone else.

© Can Stock Photo / Lemuana

The world will end in laughter, because it is a place of tears. (ACIM, M-14.5:5)

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