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What Do You Attract?

References to the Law of Attraction have become mainstream nowadays. And between those who swear by it, sitting on their couches visualizing millions of $$$, and those who dismiss it outright, the truth, once again, is somewhere in the middle. 

The issue here is not whether the Law of Attraction works or not. The problem is that it works all the time. Non-stop. Day in and day out. Twenty-four hours, seven days a week. And it truly brings to your world whatever you think of. One hour of visualizing money cannot offset the other twenty-three hours of negative self-diminishing thoughts of scarcity. 

Do you find this statement a bit too extreme? Well, think about this. In the physical world, you can destroy buildings and bridges with a simple wave. All you have to do is create a signal or repetitive disturbance with a frequency that matches the natural frequencies of the structure. Here is one well-recorded sad example if you have not seen it before. And conversely, you can build up shapes and forms by matching those same natural frequencies – search for Cymatics, and you will find many videos like this one

So what can we do about all this? Do not despair and deny the Great Law when something unpleasant comes your way. Instead, pause for a moment and ask yourself, what thoughts brought that undesired thing into your life? Remove those thoughts, and the outer world will readjust. Keep them, and the misery continues. 

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