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Chains or Anchors

Chains or Anchors

When I think of chains, I think of prisons, ropes tied to rigid structures, dullness, and boredom. Chains are what we carry grudgingly out of misplaced obligations or delusion of security. They feel heavy to the soul and depressing. We want to go out and explore but are afraid of the “bad” things lurking out there waiting to happen. So, we opt for our chains instead and continue a life of known drudgery over unknown adventure.

Anchors, on the other hand, are movable. They provide the safety without the crush of chains. We are free to bob up and down, to move around and explore, and when we are ready for a new adventure, we are free to lift the anchor and sail onto new waters.

With the semester over and the summer just around the corner, I have decided against chaining myself with plans and schedules for the summer, with should’s and shouldnt’s. Instead, I have placed a few cool anchors around activities that I like and bring me joy. Nothing is set in stone, yet I have a structure around which to build my summer without the drudgery of chains. I have a book to write so be on the look out this summer as I may share some chapters in advance. I have fun classes to offer and I have a non-profit organization to run with people that I admire and enjoy working with. Not the least, I’m looking forward to many family trips to the beaches and the mountains of Virginia.

This summer, which chains are you ready to replace with anchors? And where do you need some anchors to center yourself and belong? New adventures are awaiting ahead!


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