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1.3 Doubts and Delays

1. 3 Doubts and Delays


“I do not procrastinate,” my friend Marie says, “I ruminate.” And indeed, in procrastination, there is always a good doze of self-reflection and biding one’s time. There is frequently an absence of rightness. Something feels off, though I cannot put my finger on it. Neither do I relish getting into a new project where I’ll make mistakes due to inexperience. There is also the doubt as to whether I can even do it. I am vaguely concerned about getting in over my head, of putting in motion something larger than what I can handle. What is it exactly that is making me avoid and delay? Especially when I was initially excited about an idea or a project.

Right Mind Answers

You are stalling. You have all these ideas and yet do not act upon them. And whenever you muster the slight motivation to act, you freak yourself out by doubting yourself. You’re still reluctant to follow Spirit. You’re still unsure of your connection with Him. That you’re being guided and protected. Whenever that happens, remember to make small steps only. Not because of the errors that you will otherwise commit, but because of the confidence that you will gain in the process. Through small steps, you move forward, avoiding the fear and anguish that are provoked by your growth.

You assume one or two things must be done, and then you feel resistance. It is a means to rebel against a perceived lack of freedom. But in fact, this is how you chain yourself. You don’t have to do anything that you do not wish. When you remember this, you will stop resisting, and the procrastination will disappear. 

You hold the keys to everything in the world, but you still don’t believe it and continue to carry the outdated patterns of thought. Trust your discernment. Do not be afraid. Go with the Holy Spirit and rediscover the Way.

You can accomplish anything. Whenever you fancy yourself overwhelmed, remember that! You can finish anything in a snap. It never is as much as it appears at first sight. It is you that makes it big in your mind. The biggest task begins with a small step, of which you are a master. And when you check those items off your list, your mood improves immediately, no matter how small they are.

Do not concern yourself about your ego, for it will be there for a while. As long as you remember to invite the Holy Spirit, no harm will come, and no major mistakes will happen.

Do not blow your mistakes out of proportion, either. Most of them are so tiny that they are not even worth mentioning. And yet, you fret and fuss and analyze until they loom big and scary. Any mistake, give it to the Holy Spirit.

You must backtrace your steps before you wake up in Heaven. You walked it one way. Now, you are walking it the other way. Returning. That is how you know that there is a way. The end is at the beginning, with the original mistake.

What to do

You need projects. When you get them done, you will build your confidence. You need confidence-building activities, practically all activities. The worst thing is to stand still and avoid life. Fear grapples with you and paralyzes you even more.

Go ahead and do things. Make mistakes, and learn from them. Do not worry about their cost. The money is not yours but is given to you to play and learn. Let go of guilt and hyper-criticism. If something should not be done, you will not be given the means to do it. The unsafe avenues are blocked. Go ahead and find the open doors.


Everyone chooses to be born in a particular place, day, and time for a reason. Something in the cosmic patterns at that time clicks with us, and we are ready to make an appearance. Not earlier. Not later. And the sky rising on the eastern horizon at the time holds the key to what motivated us to get going. And whenever a planet goes over that spot, it triggers a memory, a drive to get going with life, to finish what we came to do. The Moon, having the shortest cycle around the sky, activates that spot every month.

After two years of tracking the Moon’s position and its correlation with my motivation to do things, I can confidently say that it works. There is something in the air when the Moon gets enters my rising sign, and especially when it gets close to the exact spot rising at my birth. I feel more put together, tired of delays, and ready to check off all the items on my to-do list. So now, whenever I procrastinate, I console myself that I will get to things one way or another sometime in the next month. I have to wait for the Moon to revisit Libra, and I will get them done. Procrastination is not forever. 

Call to Action!

Wake up, wake up!
Get up and let the light through!
Your light has come
To shine on a weary world.
That is what you came for.
And now, as the light has come,
Why fear or delay?
For that is your only job
In a world full of suffering.
Arise and Shine!
What else is there to do
Among the shadows of illusion?

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