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2.1 Vote for Peace

2.1 Vote for Peace


Good old Hamlet took five acts to search for his answers, yet, in the end, he never truly made up his mind. Every time he acted, it was always a reaction to the external circumstances. In the meantime, he analyzed to death (pun intended) all the consequences of this versus that course of action. Then, we have Jiddu Krishnamurti’s famous “do it or don’t do it, but get on with it.” So, which one is it?

What if it is not what we choose to do in this world but how we do it?

Every day, the world dazzles us with many non-choices appearing as choices. Are you pro- or against causes? Do you lean left or right on the political spectrum? What food should you eat? What colors should you paint your bedroom walls? So on, and so forth. While all along, the real choice remains the same ā€“ do you wish for the peace of God or not? Do you want to be released from your misery or to continue suffering?

Right Mind Answers

Live in the unity or get bogged down and lost in the multitude. There’s really only one choice, even if it appears as many. And the power of choice is yours.

What do you see – the new world of hope, cooperation, and care for each other? Or, the old one, full of fear and noise? Which one is it going to be? Make up your mind. The time has come to make your mind up. Do you truly want peace? Or the misery of old. Let go of the past. It is an unnecessary burden and so distorted in your mind that it is beyond description or recognition.

Nothing in this world is worth your loss of peace. Nothing! God has given you peace; who do you think can take that away from you? You are the only other agent with the power to remove the peace from yourself. And if God didn’t do it, who do you think did? You hold the power to your peace and happiness.

What to do

If you must make choices – why not choose with peace of mind instead of fear?

Elections are of the emotions. To and fro goes the mind, ever distracted, engaged in what does not matter. Are you at peace? ā€“ is what you should ask. For when you are at peace with yourself and the world, everything else follows.

Pause for a moment and make a choice for peace. Then go and vote for whomever and whatever you wish. If you were in the right mind, any choice would lead to peace. If you choose with your fears, then more fear will be what you get. And the old world will continue – with competition, scarcity, and strife. Is that what you want? Peace and abundance are all around you. It is your choice not to see.


My dilemma was not so much the election but whether to go or not to a conference. If I went, I’d have to deal with petty and self-important physics educators. If I didn’t go, I would need another professional development activity to show the Dean for the yearly professional evaluation. No matter what I chose, the choice was unpleasant, and I was bitter and resentful.

Both choices were wrong because I wasn’t making them out of a position of peace and non-judgment. I was judging and judging so much that it was destroying my inner peace. What would give me peace, then? Could I re-paint the stories in my head in positive strokes?

I could go to the conference and present a talk because I enjoy talking in a public setting. Or, I could choose to forego the conference and stay home, enjoying the long summer vacation. Now, both choices were suddenly appealing.

For the curious, I decided to go to the conference and present a talk. I went on my own terms, with realistic expectations, and had a good time. I also received somewhat of a closure. The bitterness and resentment that had accompanied me to all the science conferences for the past 20 years dissipated. Peace and contentment reigned in my mind.

We make the biggest difference in the world by achieving peace in our own mind. If we have peace, then peace reaches deep into the collective unconscious. If we choose fear, fear is reinforced for everyone else. And the choice lies truly with us and nobody else.

I am the eyes of the world.
I am its hands and its feet.
Iā€™m the window through which
Our collective unconsciousness peeks.
Whatever I see, we all see.
However I see it,
That is how it is recorded
For everyone else to perceive.
If I see peace, more peace
Will be seen by the others.
This is how I give peace.
This is how I bring peace
To a weary world
That has seen too much

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