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I am usually full of ideas – starting something new, improving on the old, re-arranging pieces already in place – the list never ends. But five blinks into committing to doing the work and my insecurities flare up. What if the idea is stupid? And who would care about it? Why should I do it when countless others are working on similar things?

I asked my husband this morning if he experiences similar feelings. He said not exactly – his insecurities have a different style of appearance. But he, too, has his own demons. Who doesn’t, eh?

Our inner critic was never meant to paralyze us into inaction. Is it possible that we are misjudging it?

Tomorrow in class, we’ll go over our individual flavors of insecurities. We will look at Saturn in the astrological chart and how it stands for insecurities and the sense of inadequateness. But Saturn also holds the keys to how to overcome them, how to “beat the world in its own game!” All we need is a change in perception and the willingness to explore new avenues.

If you are joining the class, don’t forget to register early so that I have time to incorporate your chart in the class examples.

See you tomorrow!


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