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Being Human

Caught between impossible choices, with countless narratives swirling in your mind, driven by emotions, feeling utterly alone no matter how many people surround you. You long for something that this world cannot provide. You have experienced pain, pleasure, happiness, sorrow, betrayal, and disappointments—knowing it all too well. Yet, deep within, you recognize that there is more to life than this tumultuous rollercoaster of emotions.

As you gaze at the night sky, adorned with its endless expanse and distant cold stars, you find yourself asking, “Who am I?” Observing others, you believe they have it all figured out, seemingly better off. However, when you peer into their weary eyes, you witness the lingering sorrow and shattered dreams.

Being human is far from easy; it is a bewildering and sometimes excruciatingly painful experience. So, why did you choose to embark on this messy, illogical journey called life? Because even in your most powerless moments, being human holds immense power. It is profoundly raw, even amidst the darkest encounters. It is a vibrant tapestry, rich with complexities, choices, and fleeting moments. It is an enigma, pregnant with opportunities for self-realization at any given instant.

Every passing second of your existence is sacred, for it grants you the ability to create, learn, and simply be. As a human being, you are precisely as you are meant to be. Don’t change a thing.

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  1. Jackie

    Beautiful compelling post.
    I see your light shining and it will illuminate the next steps on your path.
    Thank you for sharing so honestly and inspiring me to explore universal challenges in this vibrant tapestry.

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