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The Roadmap to Awakening draft is complete and off to my editor. The plan is to have it up by the end of October. It is both scary and exhilarating. Above all, I am relieved. The biggest challenge was the organization of it. It was touch and go for a while, but now it is all done. Are you curious? Here is a teaser from the draft version.

Chapter 29. Healing

The young Buddha was spurred into going on a spiritual quest after seeing the sick, the old, and the dead bodies. I can totally relate to that. If one issue keeps me on the spiritual path, it is the sickness and the suffering surrounding us. Why does it have to be this way? What can we do to heal ourselves? I do not wish to suffer or be in pain.

Right Mind Answers

You think your body is sick, but it is not so! It is the mind who dreams of sickness and makes the body appear so. For as long as you focus on your physical symptoms, you will remain sick. Or sickness will reoccur. Go back to the attitudes and the attack thoughts. Any non-loving thought is an attack thought and has its corresponding physical symptoms. Angry, upset, fearful, feeling unfairly treated – all result in some or another physical ailment. Do not confuse the cause with the effects. That is what confusion of the levels is. If you want to do away with sickness, make sure not a single attack thought remains in your mind.

Ask the Holy Spirit for help every time you catch yourself thinking attack thoughts. Give them over to the Holy Spirit, who knows how to dispel them without harm. You do not need to do anything, but you must be willing to turn the attack thoughts over. Surrender your thoughts to the Holy Spirit. Let not one thought exclude Him, no matter how disturbing or fearful. How otherwise will you find out that He can free you? Put the scriptures to the test!

But how do we heal ourselves? How do we forget the nightmares, and how do we remember our reality?

You heal yourself step by step. Retrace your steps. Retrain your mind. You trained yourself to believe in sickness. Now, you must learn to forget it. Sickness is of the mind. Always trace sickness back to destructive attitudes. Were you negative towards yourself? Did you get angry with another? Was fear in your mind? Whenever you feel sick, ask yourself, which one is it? Decide against it in your mind and remove its presence there. You can use the sickness as a mirror to reflect what hurtful thoughts remain in the mind. Then, work on removing them.

A merry-go-round of symptoms, one after another. There is no healing but only distraction. Be willing to look at the root of it, and the cause of the sickness disappears.

The question should be, “What is it that I am avoiding?” Be willing to go to the bottom of it all. Only there will you find healing. Healing is of the mind, not of the body. The body is a construction, a servant, a tool, a toy to distract us from the guilt and the misery that lurk in the mind.

What is it? Ask and be willing to hear. You need to do nothing but see all that you have chosen to forget. The poverty of the mind led to poverty in the body. No longer does this need to be true! In Heaven, there is no need for validation. In Heaven, there is no need for hoarding. There is no need for anything when you have everything.

What is it with the cravings for sugar and sweets, then?

You have been denied in the past. Being able to have it is an affirmation that you are no longer denied. Listen! You were never denied the realm of Heaven. It is you who did the denial. It is you who tried to abandon it. Now, it is you who must undo the denial and return to your place in Heaven.

What do to

God doesn’t want us to be sick; the ego does. But sickness is just an effect. And so, you cannot work on the effects while leaving the cause intact. Your Guides are eager to help, but they must respect your subconscious wishes. The sooner you remove the desire for separation, which is another word for sickness, the sooner they can help you.

Surrender! Turn your life back to God where it belongs. The habit is long standing, so it takes time and sustained effort to change it. Every day, the longer you remain in a surrendering state of mind, the nearer the healing comes. Not for a minute or an occasional prayer only when you do not feel well but aim for a permanent state of mind.

On the hour, ask, who is leading me now? The Voice for God or the ego? If the latter, adjust and repeat in an hour. The goal is to be in a permanent state of surrendering. Then, the journey ends. Until then, take little but frequent and persistent steps.

To remove sickness from your mindset, repeat to yourself:

God doesn’t want me to suffer.
It is I who seek to hurt myself.
But I will surrender to God and His ways
and see my health and well-being restored.

Can you do it on the hour? At work, in a meeting, while driving, cooking, eating, watching TV?Do not say I did it once today, and nothing happened. Ask instead, how many minutes have I spent today in a surrendering state of mind? To surrender is to regain life, to assume and own your powers. Recognize where that power comes from and what it was intended for. To insist on your own separate power is to undermine your very existence. And besides, that is only an illusion. You can insist on the illusion being the truth and convince yourself for a while that that is the truth, but you cannot change the truth from what it is: that you remain forever one with God.

Is there really only one conflict?

Every single issue that you can imagine or invent can be traced back to your conflict with God, or rather your imagined conflict with God.

Power grabbing or aggression? You felt like an usurper. You tried to grab God’s power for yourself. And in doing so, you are trying to prove to yourself that you can do it. Playing the victim? When you let other people take away your power, you are trying to shift the blame onto someone else. Look, God, you say, they took the power from me. It wasn’t my fault. On both sides, the giving and receiving end of this drama, you are playing out your issue with God.

Love? Looking for a romance? For the one person to complete you? To be your soulmate? You are searching for the connection with God. For the state where all are one and together. Now, you have fractured it, hidden it from your mind, and are blindly searching for it in all the wrong places and manner. It is a distraction designed to keep you searching yet never finding.

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