Do you want to learn how to help yourself by releasing daily tension and negative emotions, improving your mood, or simply finding calm and peace?

Jin Shin Jyutsu is a Japanese healing art that helps us release tension and boosts our innate healing abilities. It is powerful, it is versatile, it comes with no side effects or contraindications, it can be practiced together with any other healing modality including conventional medicine, and above else – it requires only your own two hands.

If you are unsure which class is best for you, feel free to contact me. For current pricing and policies, check with our Brochure.

If you live outside the Northern Virginia/DC area and are too far to physically attend a class, I offer distance classes via Zoom. Give it a try and you might surprise yourself with how much you like it! Even the locals have been known to appreciate the Zoom sessions as an alternative to driving through the heavy DC traffic.

Here is a list of Self-Help classes that I offer.

Self-Help 101 Introduction to the Art of Helping Oneself

Self-Help 102 Harmonize, Don’t Analyze

Self-Help 101 and 102 present an Introduction to the art of Jin Shin Jyutsu, its fundamental principles, and tools for harmony. They are best taken in sequence.

Self-Help 200 Relax with Jin Shin Jyutsu

Self-Help 200 requires knowledge or experience of Jin Shin Jyutsu from the Self-Help 101-102 sequence. It is an open-format class, tailored to the individual needs of the participants. Familiarity with the basic Jin Shin Jyutsu principles is required.

Self-Help 201 Number Is the Ruler of Forms and Ideas

Self Help 201 is about the numbers, their functions, and how numerology is incorporated into the principles and applications of Jin Shin Jyutsu.

Self-Help 301 The Seven Universal Laws and Jin Shin Jyutsu

Self Help 301 explores the connection between the perennial philosophy and the art of Jin Shin Jyutsu.