Self-Help 201

Number Is the Ruler of Forms and Ideas


Self-Help 201 explores the relationships within Jin Shin Jyutsu. We revisit many of the topics from Self-Help 101 and 102 with the goal of finding relationships and exploring how those relationships facilitate our practice and experience of Jin Shin Jyutsu.

The class is offered in eight weekly meetings. Each meeting lasts 1.5 hours.  During each meeting, we will explore one main topic and will apply the corresponding Jin Shin Jyutsu holds for that week.

For class schedule and the beginning of the next class, email me directly. The pricing and the class policies are published in our Brochure


Familiarity with the Trinity Flows, the Energetic Depths, the 26 Safety Energy Locks, the 12-fold Body Function Energy, and pulse listening.

It is preferable that students have taken at least one 5-Day Basic JSJ Seminar.

Class Objectives

By the end of the class, participants

  • Will be familiar with 3-fold, 6-fold, and 12-fold division and how they are used in Jin Shin Jyutsu.
  • Will be familiar with the 5-elemental energy theory.
  • Will be able to use JSJ relationships to use flows for self-help.
  • Will gain more experience in pulse listening.

Class Policies

Topics Included

1. Division of 2: Duality

2. Division of 3: Spirit, Mind, and Body

3. Division of 4: The four Western elements

4. Division of 5: The Eastern Five-Elemental Energy Theory

5. Division of 6: The Daily Cycle and the Order of Creation

6. Division of 9: End of one cycle is the beginning of a new one

7. Division of 12: The 12-fold Function Energy

8. Q&A, Review, or By Request Topic