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Tatiana Stantcheva


Feeling stuck in life? Too many choices or no choices at all? Working with a Life Coach can help you get unstuck and see the direction in which you want to grow while in a supportive and judgment-free environment. The sessions are structured around the¬†exploration of a client-set agenda and the design of measurable and doable steps towards meeting the client’s goals.


Our lives follow rhythmic patterns. There is truly a time to tear down and a time to build. And the knack of it is to recognize when is what. The Cycle sessions use well-known cycles in our psyche to help us understand our life patterns and how to use that information towards personal growth. In each session, we identify 3-5 major psychological influences and explore their significance.

Self-Help Classes

What if you could place your hands on your body and help yourself calm down, feel better, clear your mind? The Art of Jin Shin Jyutsu springs up from a millennia-old tradition of people using their own hands to alleviate mental, emotional, and bodily stress. You can request a session or take a self-help class to learn how to use your hands to alleviate discomfort, stress, and tension.

Kremena Darmenova


The Intuitive Counseling session can be experienced as an exploration of general directions and themes in life or as a focused session targeting specific concerns and questions.  By utilizing intuitive tools to receive guidance, the session aims at formulating and achieving short and long-term goals. 


Each Reiki session includes body energy scanning and balancing the energy
along the main energetic centers of the body, grounding and centering with focus on specific concerns. Reiki sessions can also be performed over distance. 


Each session includes specific and targeted Questions and Answers, a discussion of the problematic space/usage, space cleansing, and a formulation of a recommended practical plan for organizing the space.