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The Multiverse Within

Welcome Universal travelers. It is No coincidence nor is it an accident you landed on this page. I invite you to come along with me on an extraordinary journey. As you gaze upon each art piece, Fully step into your imagination. Allow it to reflect back to you, your multi-dimensional self. Explore your inner-reflection with curiosity and wonder. Dive deeply into each artwork and discover the multiverse within.

EMERGE, © Olivia-Magali Soleil


  1. India

    So powerful! It reminds of what our dna crystalizing would look like on the inside. I can even imagine the sounds it would make. Amazing🙌🏾

    • Olivia-Magali Soleil

      This is amazing, India! I am imagining hearing the musical notes playing in every shape and color. Journey on!!!

    • Olivia-Magali Soleil

      Yes Wilda! This journey is all inclusive and indeed AMAZING! Enjoy the journey and everything it offers!

  2. Charm

    So vivacious and unique. Definitely imaginative. A work of art that makes you wonder “at what is it exactly that I’m looking?”, but the answer is not that important. What is, is the journey…

    • Olivia-Magali Soleil

      Exactly Charm! Every week, I will post artwork for your eyes to feast upon. As your conscious and subconscious mind Dance with the colors and shapes on the canvas, connect to how the art makes you feel. As you so beautifully stated: It is not important to know what you are looking at. Enjoy the journey!!!

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