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Beauty and Grace

With spring in full bloom and summer fast approaching, I went clothes shopping this week. I was excited to find a pair of comfortable sandals, a sunny sweater, and an elegant but casual summer dress. At least, that is what I thought until I came home, looked at the dress label, and discovered that it was a maternity dress !?! What on Earth? Of all the dresses in the store, the one I was most excited about and loved enough to purchase was designed for pregnant women. Not that I object, but at the same time, the thought disconcerted me. Had I gained weight? 😉 Did I miss something in the store? Was it truly as elegant as I thought?

After some heated discussion with the family and profuse assurances from them that, yes, I looked elegant, and no, nothing appeared wrong with me, I finally decided to keep it. I thought, “Stuff it!” I was going to wear the dress regardless of the label. After all, my Venus is in the maternal energy of Cancer in my astrological chart. Time to own those feminine energies to which I was naturally attracted. The dress will simply have to be what I say and make it to be! I am too old to succumb to Saturnian insecurities and reservations, though they, too, are coded in my chart – austere and cautious Saturn is near the attractive and elegant Venus.

Venus symbolizes attraction and everything pretty, elegant, and gracious in our collective psyche. It urges us to be kind and friendly – life is easier when we all get along with each other. Venus is also the voice that reminds us that we are beautiful, attractive, and worthy of receiving everything good in life. And don’t you dare to say otherwise! 🙂 Now, this is Mars speaking (daring and bold) which is currently transiting over my Venus today, but I will leave it off for another day.

Where is Venus in your chart? Do you let it express itself unapologetically and confidently through clothes, speech, or deeds? What kind of friends surround you? In what manner do you attract beautiful things in life?

22. Grace

Inside, the strength of simplicity and self-knowledge. Outside, the beauty of acceptance and gentleness

The I Ching or Book of Changes, translated by Brian Browne Walker

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