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Rainbow Miracles – When Sad, Create!

My 11-yr old daughter Emily is an exuberant storyteller. She loves both the telling and the writing of it. When we had to put our beloved dog to sleep two weeks ago, I encouraged her to express her feelings in writing. I wanted to share one of her poems here.

I Am Looked Down On

In the sky, my doggy lies,
Looking down on and protecting me.
In my heart, my doggy spirit stays,
Watching over me.
In the enlightened world,
My little doggy lies free of all pain.
In the enlightened world,
My little doggy lies, looking down on me.
My little doggy will always be my guardian spirit
And forever lies in my heart.

I wanted to see what other stories and poems Emily would write, so I helped her set up a small corner on the Internet as her sandbox and creative space. She is now excited about her “blog” site.

Have you noticed how creativity is an excellent cure for all kinds of malaises?


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