Joy Of Simple

Less versus More

When it comes to our home or workplace environment the mantra is: Less is More. Our houses and desks are cluttered with things. We distract ourselves by buying more nice looking shiny things that give us instant but not long-lasting gratification. I have a soft spot for kitchen gadgets – and at some point, I had 4 sets of measuring spoons, 12 kitchen knives, and 9 baking pans. Yes, I know – we need 9-inch pans, and 12-inch pans, and 15-inch pans. But the truth was that I used only 2 on a regular basis, the other 7 stayed unused for years.

On the opposite side of the spectrum, there are the minimalists, who believe that only having the bare essentials is all that you need. I believe in the Middle Way when it comes to space decluttering and organization. Sometimes objects speak to us and we know that we need to keep them since they give us good positive feedback: that needlework piece from my grandma that reminds me of her kitchen and chocolate chip cookies; that teddy bear that kept me safe at night; the Christmas ornament that my sister made for me and wrote with a Sharpie “I love you”.

Making Space for Happiness

Decluttering your living quarters declutters your mind. Removing your physical clutter is the first step of removing your emotional baggage, toxic thoughts and emotions, and finding the path of simple living and realization of what is important in your life. Decluttering gives you room to breathe, your house feels more spacious, and you can keep it clean and tidy with a small fraction of the effort that you had to put in before. So you get your life back to enjoy it 🙂

My Kitchen Corner of Shame

I love to cook and I spend between 1 and 3 hours a day in the kitchen. Being a working mom with two little ones my priorities are to have a home-cooked dinner at least 5 days a week and a “relatively” clean kitchen.  While I am lucky to have two pantries in my kitchen, I was not proud of the corner between one of the pantries and the refrigerator. That corner tended to get a lot of clutter: the floor sweepers, reusable grocery bags, aprons. I frequently ended up ignoring it since getting the meals ready always took precedence. Between prepping snacks, fruits, and vegetables for the week, I rarely worried about what was in that corner. Until one day I found an unloaded bag of groceries hidden in the corner. It had probably stayed there for more than a week so I said to my self “Enough is enough”. I placed a hook on the wall for my aprons, I bought two self-adhesive broom holders and attached them to the fridge. All the reusable grocery bags ended up in a kid’s toy storage bin that I borrowed from my kids. You can see the difference for yourself.

A simple and easy solution to make the corner not only clean and aesthetically pleasing but also easy to maintain it later. Because let’s face it – everyone can clean up their house once and make it look pretty for a day. The real art, however, lies in finding a simple solution that will allow you to keep your house in that state permanently with little effort even if you have kids and pets.