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The Pulses Will Whisper…

I knew this month’s study at Mary’s would be fun!

It was the third month that we studied pulses since Iole’s excellent April 5-Day class inspired us to revisit them. And I am sure everyone who knew John’s promise from last month was eager to come to the August study.

Among many other hobbies, John makes his own drums. My favorite is the elk-skin one made of the tree that was once struck by lightning in his back yard. In a moment of inspiration, during the July study, John promised to bring his drums next time and to sound the pulses on his drums for us.
For those who are curious, I compiled short excerpts below.

The Pulses On a Drum

Thank you, John, for letting us see and play on your drums, for demonstrating the texture of the pulses, and for allowing me to share this on the web!

More about the pulses is available on my Jin Shin Jyutsu-dedicated site here.


  1. Rajvarna Singh

    Thank you so much for sharing this recording. I always listen to the pulses as if listening to different beats on a drum. Lovely to hear them played out like this.

  2. Deborah Engisch-Platt

    I would really love to hear a more extended recorded version of the pulses on the drum if at all possible.

    This would also be incredible to share with Scottsdale, if you’re so inclined, as it’s truly a wonderful way of feeling and hearing of the
    pulse, which has the effect of taking it in on a deeper level which many practitioners would greatly appreciate.

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