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Living in Duality

There is so much already written about Duality  – the disparity between “Living as One” with God and Universe and “Living in Duality” where people’s egos act and operate under the notion of self-sufficient entities.  So what is Duality? Different schools of thought have different definitions but one thing is common: separation.  The idea that Humans are individual units connected and operating under various acts of randomness.

Humans live in a constant struggle. On one hand, we are individuals with our own feelings, predispositions, characters, and behavior.  On the other hand, we are part of the unified state of consciousness where there are no random acts and where knowing, intuition, and the longing to be with God is always present.

Are Unity and Duality mutually exclusive? Can you live a life of awareness and connection with the Universe and still walk this Earth and do your everyday tasks and routines? Life itself is a sequence of repeating cycles – there are times in life when we are more connected to the material plane and other times when we feel more spiritual and connected to God. Does living as One require us to sell our possessions, retreat from the world, and spend the rest of our life in prayer and contemplation? Should we leave our boring day jobs and go explore the mysteries unknown? Can we find the answers we seek when we are doing our daily mundane tasks?

There is a way, another way, that does not require asceticism or hermitic acts to live a conscious and spiritual life. Matthew 22:21 says “Render to Caesar the things that are Caesar’s; and to God the things that are God’s.” This way of living requires that you drop the attachments of your intent. That house that you plan on buying?  Don’t focus so much on the color of the bricks or the type of siding. That project presentation that you are stressing about? If you are falling behind, why not reach out to your coworkers and ask for a critical review, or delegate some of the slides creation to others supporting your project? That job interview tomorrow that keeps you up at night? Be honest and open and you would be surprised. Do not attach to outcomes. Be open and accept what comes your way even if this is not what you hoped for.

At the same time, escaping from responsibilities that open doors for new opportunities should not be justified by the idea that “I am above all life dramas and I am highly spiritual, so the effort is not worth it.” If we are so evolved and spiritual, I guarantee you that we will not be here on Earth in human form. So there is a reason why you need to put to work your two hands and two feet and get the work done. “Render to Caesar the things that are Caesar’s.” Do your job well, spend time with your loved ones, work on accomplishing your daily to-do list. Do not attach to the outcome and do not forget to breathe and reflect on the things happening to you. Be aware of the ever-present wisdom and knowing of the Universe, listen and watch for Guidance. “Render to God the things that are God’s.” Loving helping signs are always around us and we shall see them if we pay attention. Only then we will have our feet deeply grounded to Earth and our spirit always connected with God – as above so below. Only then we can live a life of Unity, not Duality, and walk this world with knowing and awareness that will set us free from attachment to outcomes.


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