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2.2 The One Choice

2.2 The One Choice


In my dream, I was back taking a final exam during my undergraduate years. A student next to me was blatantly cheating. The professor was aware of this fact and ignored it. I raised my hand to point it out, but nobody paid attention. I felt my agitation rising. Why was such behavior allowed in the first place? Why wasn’t anyone doing anything about it – if not prevent it, to at least acknowledge and address it? How unfair to the rest of us!

I worked myself up so much that I popped out of the dream, waking up in bed. But instead of feeling relief, I thought, “Oh, no, no, I’m not done yet! I must go back – they simply cannot get away with this!”

In that fuzzy state between sleep and wakefulness, I remember vaguely trying to put myself back to sleep. I felt cheated that I woke up before I had the chance to yell at people, before I could fight for justice, or before I could set things right.

Why did I want to go back to my angry dream? Why not be relieved that none of that was true? Is that what this world is all about? And, what are we doing here, busy, angry, fighting injustices, trying to improve it?

Right Mind Answers

That is the question, isn’t it? The games we play, the lies we tell are all about making us forget what we truly are. We play because we want to play. As soon as we tire of it, we are back where we started – at home.

Do not for a moment forget that every issue that presents itself is not about that issue but whether you choose to engage with it or not. It is one gigantic play of misdirection. See through it, and you are released. Engage with it in any form, and you continue to be bound. Everything is about you! Who else might it be? There is nobody else.

Stop thinking of what is right and what is wrong. The premise is wrong! The direction is what matters – whether you are waking up from the dream or not. Everything else is an illusion designed to keep you from waking up.

Everything given, everything bestowed or utilized is for the sake of your release. You are not asked to give things up before your time to let them go has come. We are not asking for sacrifice but for a release in the most gentle of the gentlest ways. We are not asking for suffering. For suffering reinforces chains. Do what you want but ask yourself, “do such things chain me to or free me from the world?” It is not what it is but the underlying trend, the first derivative of your path to freedom.

Do you want to continue dreaming angrily or be awake in Heaven with your Father and your Brothers? All things that come your way are either to keep you in prison or to release you back home. You have the power of decision. Do you want to stay in chains, or do you want the freedom that your Father has proclaimed for you?

God has created you free, and so He can release you at any time as soon as you wish it too. Your will aligns with His, and you are free. When you imagine having another will, you bind yourself to your own imaginings. Forgiveness is the release from the bonds of your making. You are released to the extent you are able to forgive. For complete release, complete forgiveness is necessary. Every moment is a holy instant. Recognize it, and you are in Heaven. Fail to see it, and you remain in hell. Time to move on and up. Great things lie ahead. Recognize the past and release it. It holds you not. You are who is holding onto it. Let go and free yourself – you see only the past. Ask to see, and you will. Let go.

What to do

Of course, you think that you are chained and not free. For too long, you have been so. It is unrealistic to expect to be able to remove the chains immediately. Besides, it will cause you tremendous stress. So, we walk with you, and dangling chains will be trailing us but for a little while. Do not rush. Nor do you delay. Just follow the Holy Spirit, Who knows what is best.

“There is nothing to be afraid of” should be your motto in life. Nothing can touch or disturb you when you are walking with God, and there is everything to upset you when going with the ego. The choice is not what you think it is. Do not ask whether “to be or not to be,” but ask yourself in its stead, “With God or with the ego?”

That is what hurts and not the little choices that you choose to obsess about. It is about the Mind and the subsequent guilt. As the guilt dissipates, lightness steps in. People appear more pleasant; the life drama dissolves. Go and play, laugh and enjoy what comes your way.


In calculus, the first derivative is the slope of a graph – it shows whether that graph is increasing, decreasing, or flat. When you wonder about a choice, ask yourself what the direction of your development is. Do you wish to climb up or not from the illusory hole we have all dug for ourselves? If yes, you want your derivative or slope to be upwards. Then, choose the direction along that upward slope. 

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