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Why Do I Not See God?

Why Do I Not See God?

A student asked the Guru, “how can I see God?”
“Here, let me show you,” and the Guru took him to the river. There, he pushed the student under the water and kept his head under for several long moments. He finally let go, and the student emerged, sputtering and panting for air.
“What did you think?” asked the Guru.
“I couldn’t think of anything!” protested the student. “All I could think was how to scramble back up for air.”
“Well, when you start feeling and thinking about God as you did about air under the water, you will see God.”

Interesting food for thought, don’t you think? Do I feel about God as the life-giving breath of air without which I could not live? Or, do I go about the day, swimming happily in my waters? Meals, work, family, entertainment, sleep, repeat? Can I pause for one hour a day to think of God, and then be upset that I do not see Him?


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