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Changing Our Minds

And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, …

Romans, 12:2, KJV

What do I do if I agreed to do something at work but have changed my mind? I am not talking about plain old fickleness here. What I am talking about is the momentary lapse of judgment, a genuine change of mind, and the reluctance to “renege” on a no-good cause. I could see in myriad ways how right my new decision is. And, in a thousand-fold more ways how unfeasible my commitment was. But who among us can pull out of such a commitment without the associated guilt and anguish?

So, I sat and reflected and wondered what to do. And then, I knew. I was going to keep the spirit of the original idea but execute it in a totally different manner. The solution was unorthodox yet simple, bold but kind, and almost humorous. Once again, it had Spirit Signature all over it – a reminder that I was never alone in making decisions. That there is a silent Voice inside each one of us Who knows what is best at all times. It is quiet, it judges not, and is always kind. Its power and knowledge are limitless.

So, let us not be afraid to change our minds. It doesn’t have to be about jobs or families. We can start with the decision to stop hurting ourselves. We can make a new choice for peace and happiness, for no suffering or angst. Then, let the Voice guide us through this change – with gentleness and kindness and, above all, with no guilt.

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